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Emielieke Geubbels – Practise for Acupuncture

Welkom bij Emergy, practise for Acupuncture based in Wyckerpoort Maastricht.

You are welcome for professional treatment in (disease)patterns that hinder you from living a vibrant fullfilling life.

Currently the practise is so full, that there is a temporary client stop till april 2024


Since 2014 Emielieke has gained experience in the treatment of:

  • (Chronic) Physical pain – injuries
  • Body support after surgery – illness process – enhancing vitality
  • Hormonal issues (i.e. menstruation, menopause, thyroid)
  • Skin complaints
  • Psycho-emotionial pain – mood complaints
  • (Inexplicable) Fatigue complaints – Burn-Out – CVS
  • Tension patterns
  • Attention & concentration complaints
  • Support in processing and digesting dramatic life events (trauma)
  • Stuckness to find direction and meaning in life
  • Fertility, pregnancy, labour preparation
  • Post viral symptoms i.e. Corona (loss of smell/taste/fatigue)

Acupuncture is a refined healing Art (used over more than 3000 years!), that allows to release the body mind and spirit from blocked energy (qi), that is not serving life (pathogenic qi). It can awaken, remember and restore an innate state of harmony. This way we can remember the state of wholeness, a presence, here and now. A place where energy emerges.

Feel welcome to visit my practise in Maastricht!



Emergy - Werken aan je energie
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