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About Emielieke

Emielieke (1987) graduated Health Sciences at Maastricht University (2010). In 2014 she graduated Chinese Medicine, Classical Acupuncture (Qing Bai Academy). After graduating she has been living and working abroad in the field of chinese medicine for a few years. In New York she followed a two year training Universal Health Principles. In 2017 she attended an extra course on psycho-emotional patterns and acupuncture from Bruno Braeckman in Antwerpen. In 2019 she started a two years course from Josef Muller (Switzerland), learning about auto immune diseases, medical alchemy, from a Classical Acupuncture perspective.

Since 2014 she has worked from her own business Emergy, after having worked and lived abroad, close to nature, she returned to Maastricht in 2017.  Acupuncture is for her an Art, not just a technique or concept.  She feels inspired within the field of Chinese Medicine by different (more uncommon teachers) as Peter Willmont, Yvonne Farrell, Bruno Braeckman, Josef Muller. Her specialization is to work with psycho-emotional issues (also following seminars from psychotherapist Franz Ruppert, Gabor Mate, Anna Verwaal). She is able to be bold/decisive, to connect with a presence of compassion and work result oriented.



The practise has a professional collaboration with Maastricht University and offers an internship placement for students of the Master Health Policy Innovation Management. Currently there is an intern who is doing her research about the effectiveness of acupuncture in low back pain (ending september 2022).

The practise has a collaboration with Acupuncture praktijk De Witte Os (Maastricht). We will be assuming treatments in case of holidays/illness to offer clients a continuation for treatment.

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