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About Emielieke

About Emielieke

As people ask me about my ‘work’ I usually don’t answer: I AM an acupuncturist. Because that’s ‘just’ a way in how I make use of my given talents and drive for life and share them with the world. I feel a life long adventurer and life artist.  As long as I can remember I’m fascinated by the human body (and humans in itself)… As well as how this YOUniverse Inside Us is connected to the nature, Universe surrounding us. I have an enormous curiosity and wonder for life that I keep exploring!  My curiosity and crytical mind always made me wonder and question ‘given facts/phenomenons’ that were told me as ‘this is just how it is.’

‘Well is it the way it IS? I actually see and know there is more… there is another perspective!’ was what I felt since I was young. I Always could easily see the power in people’s presence, without even ‘knowing’ them. Add to this ‘an ungoing drive to learn and study, an adventurous spirit, an appreciation for the ‘simple’ and surprising moments, an ability to feel very subtle energies (a finetuner), and a big portion of courage’ and you’ve discovered some ingredients that make me ‘Emielieke.’

I never wanted to become an acupuncturist to ‘help’ people. My professor at the TCM study told us the first day: “Chinese Medicine finds YOU!” After studying Health Sciences/Health Law I experienced some intense health challenges as well as the most shadow experience of my life. It was intense. It was a gift!

My journey unfolded in magical ways…

Life invited me BIG TIME to connect to my energy and live fully from that place! My intuition and heart leading! The insights, the transformations, the treasures, the life lessons that emerged along my journey emerged deep levels of presence, love and excitement for life! It’s a commitment, it takes courage AND it’s exciting. My commitment and courage to go deeper in and create from that place, took me to the point where I am right now. It wasn’t always easy, but the perfection of it all is brilliant and opened up so many. Life invites me every day to feel a deeper level of presence and play and wonder within myself (and in life). I experience in BIG ways what’s ‘possible.’

After graduating in 2014 and winning the Thesis Prize of the year, my heart compass guided me to a vision.

A vision that would connect with innate intelligence in a body, where I could travel and share the work. I felt guided to create a business that would fuel myself from the inside out as well as sharing this with the whole world. Not in a clinical setting to ‘fix’ or ‘help’ people. I knew there was a way to share this work in an accessible, deeply transformative and tangible way. I love to take you on this adventure of connection and presence, where the answers and freedom emerge within yourself. A WHOLE new reality awaits you!

My vision and more:

Discover here more about my vision and what emerges energy within myself!

Educational Background & Courses

  • Maastricht University : Health Sciences BA (Caring sciences + Policy & Management) (2007-2010)
  • Maastricht University: Minor Health Law & Ethics (2010)
  • Pink Ribbon Foundation NL: Traineeship (2011)
  • Qing Bai: Traditional Chinese Medicine & Philosophy (2011)
  • Qing Bai: Classical Acupuncture Cum Laude  
    • Winner of Paper/Thesis trofee 2014 on ‘The historical background and application of the 12 Spirit points’
    • Jozef Muller internship
  • Touch4 Health 1 + 2 Kinesiology (Centrum de Plataan 2013)
  • Workshop Aromatherapy (2015)
  • First Aid International: First Aid course (2014)
  • Merkaba activation Drunvalo Melchizedek (Centrum de Plataan 2013)
  • Laura Hames Franklin: Body-Mind-Universe Programme  Wholly Shift (2012 – current)
  • Laura Hames Franklin New York: Training Universal Health Principles (2015 & 2016)


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