In contact met je eigen energie

About the Logo

In collaboration with the designers of Dutch Designs with Lemon the logo (and website) emerged in a very playful and fun way!emergy logo

The spiral (handmade in the office by myself) starts in the middle, the point of silence:

the core/essence within you (life intelligence).

The spiral symbolizes ‘energy’ ‘movement’ ‘dynamic’. This symbol (geometry) is present in nature, in our body, in the universe. Whether this is a sunflower, our crown, the spiral in muscle tissue, a tornado, a tree, a rose…

They are a reflection of: Universal Intelligence. It’s active in you and where I like to collaborate with. 

The N in emergy is yellow and symbolized the appearance of Energy.

Emergy represents the emergence of free energy from the inside out. A spiral circling and radiating in to out.

When energy (Qi) flows, and your essence (Jing) is able to shine, you feel light and powerful.

That’s what I like to embody within you, wherever you ‘are’!

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