In contact met je eigen energie

Acupressure Classes (weekly)

Acupressure Lessons (every wednesday).

From 21st of September you can join and enjoy weekly Acupressure lessons on Wednesday. “Acupressure for Finetuners.” (monthly subscription)

Emielieke van EmergyAcupressure is like Acupuncture, but then without a needle.

You use your own (healing) hands to open up, activate, specific energy (or sometimes closing specific aspects for extra protection)  and align your vibrancies.


When our energy flows powerfully, we radiate it out, we experience more space and energy. You will discover that you’ll surf more energetic, intuitive and powerful through life. In the here and now.

Besides you’ll feel more balanced physically-mentally-emotionally. A clarity, calmth, focus and surrender. From this place you can use your own treasure to create (life).

What? A tangible strenghtening Acupressure (energy) lesson including Acupressure, Energy exercises, application of Yin/Yang, 5 elements, foods and most of all feeling your  Energy! You’ll learn to strenghten your Energy, and activate and discover the power of your own energy!

How? We use powerful Acupressure techniques and energy balans methods. (and FUN!)

Valuable! You’ll learn to access your own Energy power through your hands and body in… the now! You’ll experience how your inner energy affects/interacts with the ‘outer’ world. What is active in yourself is what you can observe and attract in your outer world.

Personal! We will tune in ‘in the moment’ and dive into personal wishes/visions for your body – mind – life, specifically aligned for ‘finetuners’

And… Effects that will continue after the lessons…!

The Acupressure workshop subsription is: € 55 euro a month (excl. 21% VAT. Total: 66,55 euro) which you can transfer through Bankaccount or via Paypal: You receive 1 lesson a week.

Location: **Online** through Zoom   (een online workshopspace you get access to easily via a link!)

Time: 2PM EST-3PM EST / 8PM -9PM CEST Wednesday


How to sign up? You send an email to You receive the start details to join for the whole month. De first classes starting the 21st of September.

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