In contact met je eigen energie

Acupressure session

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a powerful and specific massage technique that’s based on the same principles as Acupuncture (without needles). It connects you with your ‘essence’ that flows through you (life intelligence) A very relaxing and powerful way to emerge energy from the inside out. A balanced flow of Qi gives access to a natural state of health in body and mind, where energy emerges.

What happens during an Acupressure session?

I will tune in to your bodies needs (on a physical-mental-spirit level) with your unique nature as priority. I will check your tongue and pulse ‘in the moment’ to observe where your body is at and what the focus for the session will be. Your body can communicate that in a brilliant way via characeristics and sometimes it can show up as a symptom (signal). I will ask specific questions to make the session even more aligned. I use my hands and activate very precisely the specific meridians and acupuncture points that will emerge the desired effects. Usually you’ll experience directly a difference in your energy, you feel centered and connected, and you experience a deep relaxation (the process evolves after the session!)

An Acupressure session is for you if:

Acupressure is very valuable if you’d like to connect with your own energy in refined and tangible way. You like to feel collaboration WITH your body and you like to activate the self healing capacities of your body. You have capacities to feel deeply in your daily life and you would like to experience more benefits of that ‘finetune’ capacity (rather than feeling overwhelmed)!

In a session you experience how your body reacts on the specific acupuncture points (in a very gentle way). Acupressure can be used for the same ‘health challenges’/complaints as Acupuncture. At the same time Acupressure has a big impact on your whole overall wellbeing, especially if you like to sink even deeper in your body (instead of your head). The effects are beautiful for sensitive people, people who are recovering from a health challenge, to relax on a deep level, to strengthen your intuition, or to just nourish yourself and feel our sparkly energy coming through even more.

A session is 60 minutes and emerges a relaxation on a body – mind – spirit level. From that ‘flowing’ frequency you attract the experiences/inspiration that resonate with that energy frequency. Book your session here



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