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Chinese Medicine Classes

Treasures of Chinese Medicine, accessible for all of us!

Chinese Medicine evolved over more than 4000 years… and the impact of this knowledge keeps expanding in our day to day lives.

The treasures and wisdom that Chinese Medicine offers to us, EMERGES a wisdom within OUR’CELL’VES.  The insights it will bring to our day-today life are life-changing and add a beautiful value to our way of experiencing ‘reality.’  An empowerment and tangible understanding and ‘knowing’ of how our internal life with the outside life are interconnected. This is way more than reading ‘a book’ or ‘gaining more information.’ This is welcoming a

Online – in person – groups (>8)

Depending on your personal interests – personal goals/preferences I teach about Chinese Medicine in a refreshing, accessible way that really STICKS! Message me to explore what is possible and what fits best.

Teachings can include:

  • The basic foundations of Chinese Medicine: Yin-Yang, Qi, 5 Elements… and how you can implement these foundations in your daily life!
  • Zang Fu Basics: Discovering your organs from a new perspective, encompassing physical/emotional/spiritual aspects. And see that each of these organs are like “team members with their own personality”
  • Acupressure: A way to access and activate your own energy potential. Feel how activating specific energy transforms your inner and outer reality (!)
  • Acupressure for ‘finetuners’ : People who want to experience the treasures of their high-sensitivity qualities in this mundane reality.
  • Chinese Medicine in your business… how can you create more alignment between your ‘nature’ and your business/clients. A grounded way to embody the principles of ‘energy’ in your business. And how our body-business influences our functioning in our business too.
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