In contact met je eigen energie

Emergy session 1-1

Emergy Session 1-1

In a 1-1 session you experience the immense intelligence of your body in a tangible way. Your body can show where the energy (not) flows and which priorities come up. Direction marks that want to communicate: He here’s where it can flow more and communicate better!

Via an Emergy session we activate the intelligence (that IS already present) of your bodies (energy) system and if necessary, we strengthen the flow of that. The effects during a session are tangible and the effects continue after the session as well. You can experience that: your (pain)complaints dissolve, your digestion improves, your energy levels increase, you feel a centeredness and surrender in your whole body and mind. You are back in connection with the WHOLE of you: a feeling of aliveness emerges!

Discover here experiences of clients and the value they received after working with me.

My approach

I make use of the treasures of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Kinesiology and Universal Health Principles. I will take a look at your tongue and feel your pulse to see where you’re body/mind are at. Also I will ask some questions and I will feel your meridians (to address the flow: this is something we can feel physically!!!) Also via a simple muscle test I ask your body questions to address its priorities. Rather than ‘me’ diagnosing, we let the body guide us in the whole session. It works efficient, deep, so that you can experience big results and progression in relatively a short amount of time.

The energy gets activated via techniques from TCM: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Moxa, Cupping, Guasha etc. Also techniques from Kinesiology and other useful modalities like Aromatherapy are integrated in a session.

The focus is on your power (not your complaint). I always will tune into what’s best for your unique situation/nature.

An Emergy session is perfect for you if:

An Emergy session will resonate when you experience a challenge on a physical – mental/emotional level and you’d like to strengthen your connection with your bodies intelligence on a deep level. You value your own unique nature and like to collaborate with that nature in the most refined and empowering way possible. You like to support your own health from the inside out, so that your natural forces, life zest and intuition emerge. At the same time you like to receive insights and learn more about your body as you work with me.

*If at any time, I assess a health condition or situation where other professional care is more effective and beneficial, I will always communicate about that for the highest good of your body/condition.


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