In contact met je eigen energie

Energy exercises

Energy exercises

Access your own energy (potential) and tap into your flow and aliveness!

You are energy! By connecting with your own unique frequency, you feel an alignment, a power and connectedness to your self. From there you can feel a centeredness, satisfaction and your ability to feel whole (and heal) is IN your energy!

Here I share some exercises you can apply wherever you are… It’s powerful and FUN! Let’s emerge the energy! You can embody and discover so much more in depth via my Ongoing Online Programme: The YOUniverse Express (you sign up via a monthly subscription).

  • Nourish your energies inside out. In this video I share with you 3 acupuncture points to emerge a nourished energized feeling within your body/mind. Experience it yourself and get a chance to become your own acupuncturist!!!


  • Stability within Change: There are these moments in life where so much is changing, that we can sense a feeling of ‘overwhelm’ or ungroundedness. This video experience with powerful Acupressure Techniques let you explore an essential part in your YOUniverse that can activate this energy of Stability within Change.
  • Initiate Effortless Expansion from the inside out: This video takes you to the energies of Expansion in your body. And you get a FREE tip on where to find an acupressure point that will support these energies to vibrate through you. Experience for yourself what this creates in your body – mind – spirit and life!




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