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Online Emergy Session + The Youniverse Express:

“Emielieke is a gift to the world. Her presence, her passion and her deep connection to Life makes her sessions resonate with love, purity, power, inspiration and creativity. Working with her has opened and inpired me to express the fullness of my being without personal limitations. Her Youniverse Express creates a vessel for growth and expansion, and her videos resonate at a deep and profound level. I highly recommend her work with all my heart. Thank you Emielieke!”

Monica Rodriguez, Mexico City, New York

Online Emergy Session via Skype: My Emergy session was one of the best presents I could have ever received on my birthday. I felt so connected to my being on so many levels and my body felt very supported by the way Emielieke facilitated a space where we both tuned into into what serves me at the moment. Her suggestions were deeply transformative and our time together was thoroughly enjoyable. I look forward to my next one with delight, love and gratitude.”
Shanna Wallace, CEO, Mind Yard New York


Online Emergy Session via Skype (met Universal Health Principles): Hi Emielieke, It was a treasure and a pleasure to receive your session last week. As you may know, I had just returned from a week of intense embodiment training in NYC, and just upon returning home I had traveled on a 9 hour car ride to a conference with my husband. Your intuitive reading not only brought a smile to my face, your kind words also healed a deep inner knowing that wherever I am is the right place at the right time. What a gift! I am eager to work with you again, and I honor your gift of bringing peace to minds and bodies. You go, girl! All my love and gratitude, Rita Durant Alabama USA


Online Emergy Session 1-1 (Package): Since I live in NYC, I was happy to discover I was able to work with Emielieke online. It was magnificent!! I was worried not to find the points and not to be able to do everything right, however Emielieke explained to me everything is such great detail that it was easy!
You can make my mistake and try to do it by yourself and push harder and be more disciplined…
Or you can work with Emielieke and make your life so much easier where you can just go with the flow and feel the inspiration moving through you. Forever grateful for having found this miracle worker.
Alla Petcheniouk, Owner Alla Loves, New York


Online Emergy Session 1-1 & Emergy Doodles: “I feel extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Emielieke. Emielieke is a great acupuncture teacher and the support from her is wonderful. She holds the vision to stay open for new possibilities in my life. I felt an increased energy and more clarity in my life. Emielieke lifted me up to a new level. She has the ability to see our patterns, memories and shift them into light and ease. She gives me trust to believe in my visions and dreams. I’ve taken her acupressure tools, insights and magic doodles into my daily life. And the sessions and the tools are so powerful. Emielieke has a deep wisdom that opens up possibilities beyond words. Thank you Emielieke for your wonderful gift, your magical doodles and the wonderful sessions.” Ilona H. Germany


Online Emergy Session 1-1: “Emielieke is a talented coach, acupuncturist. Over the last 3 months of working with her​ over skype,​ I have gained a much deeper understanding of my body’s energy, and how I can best support it​ from moment to moment​; This has translated to a lot more freedom in sharing my business, and way more clients. I Always look forward to our sessions together as the wisdom she gets intuitively from my body is always spot on, and just what I need to hear. She provides a safe and loving space to explore challenges, and tough emotions. ​If you are looking to go deeper into your own intuitive wisdom, produce results with ease, and feel great while you are doing it, contact Emielieke.” Alison L. Brun, Owner Alison le Brun, New Jersey

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