In contact met je eigen energie

Free Intro Session

I feel honoured to connect with you!

I am convinced that working with me really ‘works’ as we both feel a full YESS as we make a commitment. That’s why I would like to give you a chance* to ‘taste’ my work via a free online intro session of 20 minutes. *when feeling real interest!

You have this gut feeling that Emergy can offer you a lifetime value, whether this is for a physical complaint/challenge or an emotional/mental pattern, or you might want to attract something in your life and you’d like to energetically align with that BEFORE taking action.

You might be curious how ONLINE working with me ‘works.’ Is that a tangible experience? Is it way more than ‘talking’ (o yes!). Deciding to commit with me might bring up resistance (and usually this shows up when we are just about to make a giant leap in our lives).

That’s why I believe experiencing it yourself via an online intro session, gives you a REAL tangible experience from which you can decide. I combine acupressure techniques (that you can apply from behind your screen) with techniques from Kinesiology/Universal Health Principles to ‘ask’ your body what in your life/emotions/body is ready to shift and re-communicate. We make a real connection with the wisdom WITHIN you & your body.  In a short amount of time we connect to your core, your bodies intelligence! That’s where energy emerges!

How do you schedule your intro session?

Send me a message to and include a short intro of yourself, where ‘you are at’ right now and what you would like to emerge within yourself (and what that means for you).  If I feel a serious intention, we set up an intro session, yay!!!

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