In contact met je eigen energie



In & spirare (breathing). Spirit.

Inspiration moves us. The energy spark within that emerges when we feel: Heeee this is… inspiring!

This is the place to discover the ‘world of qi’ in daily life and getting moved by… Qi!


What is ‘Qi’?

So you might have heard about ‘Qi’ before… “Everything is Energy, Qi” But what is Qi all about? I created a video about it. Discover the world of Qi here

Qi film1

Here’s where the magic is!

Read some of my powerful insights about the power of ‘doing without the doing’ here and the magic that came forth of that!

What’s a point?

Oke what’s the point about acupuncture points? Is it a nerve? Something with ‘meridians’? Do I have to ‘believe’ in them?

Discover here what an acupuncture point actually is!

at work1

Yin Yang

Oke we’ve all seen this famous symbol. But what is Yin Yang? And how can we apply Yin Yang in daily life?

Discover it here in ‘the story of Yin Yang’

the story of yinyang

An exercise to emerge Qi within yourself!

Nourish your energy in 5 minutes with me! Learn some powerful acupressure techniques yourself. The only thing you need is your hands and your feet! HOPPA!


Books – to emerge energy..

Discover some new perspectives and clues via these books!!!!



Videos –  where ‘Energy Emerges…’


Videos can move energy! They can emerge new perspectives, take you to another world…  Here I share some of my homemade videos, documentaries about Chinese Medicine and more… Open the video collection here and if you have tips yourself, please feel free to share!


Emergy News (Archive)

More juicy information and personal adventures here…


For more inspiration visit the inspiration page in Dutch  (more on this English page coming soon…)


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