In contact met je eigen energie

List of services + investments

 Emergy session 1-1 (Online or in Person)  90 minutes  $111,-*
 Emergy package  5 sessions  $500,-*
 Acupressure 1-1  60 minutes  $77,-*
 Acupressure package  5 sessions  $366,-*
 Emergy Spark Package

 8 Sessions

+ in between tune in moments/recording


Working with me = investing in yourself!

∗ Investments include 21% VAT and are not covered by Health Insurance.

∗∗ You can use Paypal or a IBANtransaction to transfer the investment.

∗∗∗ In case you’re not able to attend a session, make sure you cancel 24 hours before the scheduled time, to safe your money investment. Otherwise the session-investment will be charged.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… – Lao Tse

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