In contact met je eigen energie

My Vision and more…

My vision

Every BODY is an expression of Life Intelligence. Everybody has a unique nature that wants to express itself in the world. Pure Potential Energy flowing through a web of communication. The more this energy can flow through us, and can communicate in our inner web, the more we experience ‘health’ on a physical and mental level. a vitality, energy and an overall freedom in life. Not only IN our bodies, but also how we interact with the outer world via relationships, work, nature, life’s possibilities.  The place where Energy flows… and an ease and clarity guides us through life.

I am interested in the potential and impact that is present within you (beyond symptoms or challenges that show up). I believe that by accessing your Potential Energy via your bodies energy system, we can collaborate with your body and restore it’s natural state of Wholeness and love. The more this connection is present, the healthier you feel, the more brilliance can radiate from the inside out.

I do NOT think in diagnoses, or that people ‘need’ my help. I see you as a powerful person with a powerful body and heart that (eventhough challenges are present) can heal itself. Life can bring up physical challenges (dis-ease), trauma and mental-emotional ‘stuff’ (like overwhelm, sabotaging patterns/addiction/disconnection). It is not you… and I KNOW that once we re-c0nnect to our innate intelligence, the body is able to process and dissolve the ‘stuff’ we are not. From there a new level of freedom and wisdom from within can guide you. Naturally, with ease.

I connect with your life intelligence, via your body. Not by TELLING you what to do. As I connect with your body and listen to its wisdom, I can support the body to restore it’s natural flow (via Acupuncture, Acupressure and Universal Health Principles). What happens is that you feel connected again to your inner knowing where the answers, your clarity, your health, your ALIVENESS and Energy EMERGE!

My vision is that the process of re-connecting to that brilliance in daily life, can be a journey filled with adventure, light and spontaneity, and IMPACT. Beyond what you could THINK about. And my vision includes an integrity and transparency*… so that when we collaborate, energy emerges in a powerful way with infinite value!

*this includes that whenever I feel there is another source/organization that can better meet your needs, I will always communicate that for the highest good!

And my… Favourite slogan from Chinese Philosophy?

Wu Wei… The action of non-action. Inspires to open ourselves up for the natural spontaneity and surf once ‘the perfect wave’ arrivés.

My Favourite Acupuncture point?

Kidney 6: Shining Sea. Its nourishing relaxing ‘hammock’ effect is amazing… The name itself is wonderful too!

My Biggest discoveries?

  • The discovery our body-mind-spirit are interconnected and influencing eachother. So that when experiencing a ‘writersblock’ improving the Liver Qi circulation opens up our creativity! Kinda cool right?
  • The world of Qi and the realization that we create our own reality: we are like ‘Qi’ Magnets, vibrating frequencies of Energy. I am my point A on my adventuremap, creating my experience NOW!
  • New York! It’s like an acupuncture network XL, with all these different places of ‘potential’ and character. A Universe in one city. One big surprise to me, and I’ve had the chance to experience it fully in 2015 (I lived there 3 months… and… it is to be continued)

My Favourite sport to emerge energy?

Swimming or boarding in the ocean with salty high waves…

As well as cycling or having a random moment of dance in the living room…

Emielieke’s Emergy moments…I am in my element as…

  • I watch 85 years old people still having a young spark in their eyes. Like these ladies here
  • I travel with no fixed plans
  • connect without talking (strangers is extra cool!)
  • I smell wood fire & the sounds of live music
  • I am experiencing Mediterrian family dinners
  • I am playing with ideas and create… it’s the best fun ever!
  • I roast pumpkins and sweet potatoes in autumn: MMM!
  • I catch secret ‘surprises’ in daily life… (or if I have a sneaky surprise idea in mind hihi)
  • I experience magical synchronicities: the moments you’re in the right place, the right moment, feeling free and knowing: whoaaa this is magic! I never could have orchestrated it any better! HA!
  • I am doing sessions ‘on location’ like here
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