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Session Packages

Session packages – trajectories

As in nature, transformations and healing are a process…

I am here to guide you towards your bodies innate wisdom. This is the place where your YOUniverse can express itself through you and where Energy emerges! My session packages allow this process to unfold more beautifully than you could ‘think’ of before. I Always work with a Start document before sessions take place, so we both have a clear and directed focus of where we heading towards.

How it works

You can work with me for a minimum of 3 months via the ‘routes’ below. This allows us to really get into the good stuff!

Route 1:

  • 1 individual powerboost session of 90 minutes a month
  • 1 laser tune in moment of 15 minutes via audio (you can freely decide when ‘the time’ for this tune in session wants to happen)
  • Investment $111,- a month *

Route 2: 

  • 2 Emergy sessions of 45 minutes a month
  • Personal advise/support perfectly finetuned for you
  • Investment $150,- a month *

Route 3:

  • Weekly 60 min Emergy sessions (4 a month)
  • Personal advice/support perfectly finetuned for you
  • Free unlimited access to my online workshops/classes
  • Investment  $300,- a month *


*All rates include 21% VAT







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