In contact met je eigen energie


Symptoms: signals redirecting us to (energy)power!

A symptom/complaint is nothing more or less than a signal. A signal that somewhere in your energy network communication is not in it’s optimal state. The powerforce you innately ARE is in such moments not ‘tangible’ or present. This can manifest itself in:

  • Physical complaints
  • Emotional complaints
  • As well : a low energylevel – resistance – no appetite/too much appetite – compulsive behaviour/addiction – feeling no satisfaction in life – feeling not being ‘enough.’

The World Health Organization created an overview of symptoms and diseases ***where Chinese Medicine is being seen as a significant and effective approach to heal a wide range of conditions.

*** !! This overview CAN be useful to discover the wide range of symptoms Chinese Medicine can be applied to. However, In my opinion, a symptom/dis-ease is a SIGNAL and not a fixed state of being (and over the years those signals were collected and marked with a ‘diagnose’/disease.) You are still a unique person with a BRILLIANT body/system. Eventhough you might not experience it (ooo and therefore there must be something REALLY Wrong!)


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