In contact met je eigen energie

The Youniverse Express

[This program finished in August and will be continued in Autumn 2016. Keep following this page to stay up to date.]

When there’s an embodied connection with the Universe in ourCELLves, the YOUniverse can express itself through us. We feel moved by the Youniverse. This place in YOU is where the magic happens! It’s like being driven by a universal force. In you! The Youniverse Express!

Welcome to the Youniverse Express bus!!! (starting in August!)

the universe express

We are a connected Youniverse within this bigger Universe. Have you ever noticed that our bodies design is an expression of what we can observe in the outside Universe?  How your lungs are a reflection of a tree. How walnuts are like our brains. How we can see tears being reflected in the salty ocean drops. How our ligaments are like flexible branches of trees. How there’s ebb and flow in our energy. How our energetic state affects the way we observe ‘reality’. That the processes and things we see in this Universe are actually IN us as well. From the star constellations, to the seasons… and how this is all connected with eachother. Isn’t this fascinating?

You are the YOUniverse Express!

Everything in this Universe is energy (Qi)… Manifesting itself through different frequencies – forms – powers. From your car, to your kidneys, to your eyes, to your house, to your bankaccount, to the woodfire, to your mood, relationships, creative expressions… All holding very specific energy frequencies. Including YOU!

You are the Universe. A YOUniverse of organs, essence, bones, muscles, connective tissue, endocrines, meridians – where you are in constant interaction with the ‘outer’ Universe. This is not a concept!

The level of connectedness IN your YOUniverse determines how healthy, alive, connected, inspired, productive and SATISFIED you feel. You are a walking bubble of Universal potential ready to get it it all out there. Your talents wants to be expressed. Your unique perspective and creativity wants to be put out there. FULLY! EXPRESSED! Being Seen!

It all starts in your body. In your energy! This essence. Pure potential!

Embody your Youniverse and see your outer YOUniverse opening up for you… where the magic happens!

Are you ready to be seen and gooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

You ARE a Youniverse, but…sometimes you’re not fully ON BOARD

This feels like a bus (an express) that is not really driving and being moved by life. You might experience health challenges, feeling drained, patterns that are going AGAINST the direction you want to go to. Life can bring up ‘stuff’ and distract us from that YOUniversal Whole. This is where you:

  • Keep searching ‘outside’ of you to FIND ‘something’ (but what actually?)
  • Keep looking AT a vision but are not really IN it (it’s like you see a bus passing by to a dream destination… but you’re not on board)
  • Want to change your life but feel immensely stuck (and it almost feels like nobody really gets you or that you just have to ‘deal’ with it.)
  • Life feels as ‘surviving’
  • Experience physical challenges, like chronic fatigue, insomnia, headaches, intense menstrual cycles, poor digestion, ‘vague’ symptoms that keep showing up.
  • Keep spinning in the same realities, procrastinate and not really feeling like we are moving forward and enjoying life.

Hee hee! This is NOT what has to continue. YOU ARE HERE TO BE SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your YOUniverse is just calling you to come back into YOU! Adventurous Being! YES YOU!

The real you! Embodied in all layers of cells, organs, meridians, love… and inner genius that wants to be expressed in this world!

Going back ON Board is not in more reading, knowing…

It’s re-connecting and spiralling up that energetic vortex of brilliance that you are. BEING ON BOARD OF YOUR OWN YOUNIVERSE EXPRESS! And this is ALL already IN you.


youniverse express2

So what IS the Youniverse Express?

The Youniverse express is an integrative group experience (ongoing) that will take your whole body & energy system On Board!

  • Highly finetuned: It is NOT a pre-formatted fixed programme. It will tune into the group in the present moment! You will Always receive exactly what your YOUniverse wants to embody.
  • Embodiment: Learning and integrating powerful energetic tools like Acupressure – Meridian activation – Foods to strengthen – Music – Movements. Exercises to really FEEL your YOUniverse! Feeling = having that vibration active. This is where it ALL happens!
  • An exploration of your Youniverse: from knowing your organs and how they relate to a ‘writersblock’ or ‘procrastination’ to activating specific meridians to increase your feeling of interconnectedness with clients/people surrounding you.

From there letting your Youniverse being EXPRESSED through you: your visions, your ideas, your work. It wants to be SEEN!

Imagine all these people on planet earth being on board of this Youniverse Express… Can you see the energy it creates on a global scale? So let’s start within ourselves and create the ripple effect!!!!

Before you jump on board, you’ll receive a passport that will set up a space for you within the group. Besides the group processes and sessions you will receive an individual session to zoom in on your personal energetics.  You get to embody and connect your YOUniverse and experience the Amazing feeling of alignment (your reality will never be the same!)

Welcome on board!

WE START THIS AUGUST! The ticket investment to hop on board is  $77,-, which magnifies this whole YOUniversal Experience.  You are going to experience tangible shifts – perspectives – goosebumps in your body and life in a very grounded and pragmatic way.  And you will experience the power of EXPRESSING from this place of Youniversal Connection. The Space is YOURS!

The Youniverse Express contains:

  • A personal vision passport that will welcome you on board and will guide the whole experience where you are the center point
  • 1 individual session  with me through Skype (30 min) with a personal tune in and a direct embodiment of energy.
  • 2 group sessions containing teachings from the Chinese Medicine system as well as ‘energy laws’ and making them really applicable and integrate them for each of you! These sessions have an amazing atmosphere of embodiment – intuition – interactive teachings about Energy – the Physical Body and it’s interactions with the outside world (perfectly aligned with the group and the priorities for each of you).
  • You cannot make it on a LIVE group session? The express keeps moving, as you have access to the replays!
  • A highly energized group atmoshpere (a Facebook group), where the Youniverse Express invites you to EXPRESS your work  – your inspirations – your insights – your areas that call for more support.
  • Ongoing support ‘in the moment’ where insights – exercises will be shared
  • Incredible ENERGY & SPACE from where you will feel your life shifting in a natural and fun way (fun is our driving force).

The Youniverse Express will take you to:

  • Amazing places IN you!
  • Your Youniverse of Organs (from an energetic perspective) and how these are ESSENTIAL to manifest and express your potential! Watch here an example of this principle.
  • Daily life choices and exercises to raise your energetic frequencies in your body – mind – spirit
  • Your Energy Network where Essence flows. And how having your whole network ‘activated’ will reflect itself in your outer reality (including increased health, creativity, energy, nourishment and money flow).
  • The connections of your Inner Youniverse and the Outer. And how your unique energy thrives better with specific contexts that are matching with your nature.
  •  The powers of Yin Yang – the 5 elements and how these can serve you to feel ‘in your element’ and feel a balance within the changes
  • EXPRESSION! The Youniverse Express wants to invite you to express your creativity, dreams and visions… and letting them being seen. This is an essential part of which this all Express is moving forward. YOU ARE AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THIS EXPRESS!!!!! By your expression!
  • Your heartcompass and how to connect with it via your body (and envisioning)
  • The Daily life adventure and ‘spicy’ situations and how to apply the science of Energy

What is ACTIVE in your vibration is what you can Attract and welcome into your ‘reality’ (this is not a matter of ‘time’ or more effort!)

The power of a group – Learning – Chinese Medicine – The Body – Energy – Yin Yang – 5 Elements – Intuition – Motivation – Creativity – Sharing – Goosebumps – Love – Fun – Discoveries – Insights – Manifestations – WHOA!

I AM READY! How to apply and jump on board?

  • Welcome to the Vortex of the Youniverse Express!
  • You invest via the energetic magical number  $77,-
  • You subscribe by signing up via “I AM ON BOARD OF MY YOUNIVERSE” and you receive all the details and startdocuments from which we are BOARDING!
  • Depending on group formation and timezones, I will do a quick investigation on the group session dates/times each month.
  • Replays are available after every group session that you can access via a password.


This is an experience that will take us all to this amazing place IN ourselves, from which we can see the outer reality transform! I am more than honoured to have you on board of this Youniverse Express!

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