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Workshop: Acupressure Essentials NYC

empress1 Experience the tangible effects of Acupressure!

Become your own Acupuncturist and experience the value and integration of Chinese Medicine in your daily reality! Connect to your powerful nature!

It’s all in your hands (and body)! And it’s fun too! I will share the fascination for Acupressure in a way that it sticks and makes sense in your day to day life. The workshop is in a group AND I will tune into each of you so that you get out of the workshop what’s fuelling you!! The present moment is from where the magic emerges!

We will experience it in the beautiful atmosphere of the Alchemical Theatre Midtown NYC.

Learn and discover to:

  • Access Energy from the inside out through powerful Acupuncture Points! P.S. you have more than 365 of them!
  • Apply the treasures and principles of Chinese Medicine (5-elements, Yin Yang etc.) to go with your own flow!
  • Strengthen and enjoy your energy wherever you are (the train, in the office, at home) to increase your bodies strength, a quiet and clear mind!

Workshops/class details:

  • Monday the 29th of February
  • We will start at 8.15PM – 9.45PM
  • Location: Alchemical Lab (Midtown Manhattan NYC)
  • Energetic Investment: $32.64 (Including Tax)

For questions or curiosity, feel free to connect with me:


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