In contact met je eigen energie
In contact met je eigen energie

My vision

My vision in my work (and life)

Everything in this Universe is “Energy” (frequency) and is inter-connected. Our body is a mini-Universe within “the Universe.” An information system, where information (energy) communicates within your body (inner world) as well as with the ‘outer’ world.

A system that attracts energy (knows as Law of Attraction), depending on what’s active in your system in a given moment. This Energy – Information = Intelligence (innate). This intelligence is what we can observe in all life creations. In example, you cut your finger and this life intelligence exactly knows how to heal this (without you needing to tell your body what it needs to do). The better this intelligence is able to communicate and flow within your body(system) and communicates with the outer world, the more freedom, health and flow you experience.

A symptom/disease occurs…

This intelligence gets challenged when several ‘stressors’ get triggered in our (body)system.

Stressors can include: Emotions, Belief Systems, Thoughts, certain types of foods, trauma, injury, shock, sounds, smells etc.). These stressors cause the body to go in Sympathatic Nervous System state: the body needs all the energy to ‘survive’. This limits the communication within your body system.These stressors are 90% of the time subconscious (so we do not actively know it causes ‘stress’). As these stressors keep getting active, symptoms (and in worse cases disease) occur. This shows a contrast with who we really are. This can manifest in vague complaints as: tiredness, a sore belly and digestion, feeling low, holding onto emotions, not able to feel the zest for life, feeling heavy etc. Or the more intense symptoms labeled as: Disease – addiction – depression. You almost should ‘believe’there is really something wrong with you. YOUR INTELLIGENCE IS STILL ACTIVE but it can not show its full potential (as the stressors inhibit the proper communication). Emergy connects with your innate intelligence (your nature) on a deep level (subconscious). This is where healing can occur and energy emerges!

In all the work I offer the underlying principles I work from are:

  • Your body has an enormous selfhealing capacity, IF the body is able to communicate its intelligence properly.
  • Your body is energy and has physical (your anatomy and fysiology) and non physical (emotions/feelings/thoughts/spirit) aspects that merge from one state to the other and influence each other as well. An emotion can influence the body. And the body fysiology can affect our emotional state (fear causing diarrhea. Or weak kidneys causing enormous levels of fear in the body)
  • Symptoms are signalsdirecting towards freedom. When we experience disease/contrast, this is a sign there are stressors/resistances in your life/body/emotions that limit the life energy and communication flow. Those stressors can be disconnected and dissolved, so that the energy frequency and communication flow automatically increase. (and health emerges)
  • Focus on the reality you want to live IN. You are a briljant masterpiece already (underneath the stuff that can occur). You do NOT need to be fixed (and I do not work from that perspective there is something ‘wrong’ with you/the situation). Once you get the space and connection with your essence, your desired reality can emerge.
  • Your body can communicate what’s its priority (not me as the ‘diagnosing’ person). Via muscle testing (kinesiology) as well as observing and studying the body characteristics/patterns, the body can talk to us.
  • Communicating with your intelligence (that is mainly in your subconscious) is the most powerful, effective and effortless way to emerge energy/healing and vitality.
  • Feeling = what matters! When you FEEL connected with your own Unique energy, you feel your most powerful, healthy, satisfied and happy version of yourself: Energy emerges!
  • You are your best Guru ever! I fascilitate in your process to awaken your wise and brilliant inner compass. Here all the answers and guidance is here for you. Is really cool to experience your inner compass!

* When you start working with me, a full YESS is essential from both sides. Some circumstances ask for other professional support that can serve you better. When I feel another profession/specialist is of more benefit for you, I’ll always communicate this with you and if necessary redirect you.


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